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Do you have your own mailserver, and do you want to use our advanced spam and virus filter? Our Mailfiltering product is a perfect match for that. We'll take care of the scanning of your emails, and we'll forward only the legitimate emails to your own mailserver. Click here to read about the technical setup of this product.

The result for you is a clean and safe mailbox, with only the e-mails you really want to focus on. PriorWeb will take care of the management and updates of the scanning system. You don't pay any of the expensive license fees of a spam solution in which you still have to invest lots of time.

Single Multi
Eenmalige setupkost €25.00 €25.00
Prijs per jaar €20.00
Prijs per maand / domein €1.60
Number of domain names One Multiple
Spam and virus filter
Manage your spam score
Quarantine per mailbox
Extensive statistics
Online reporting
Reporting via email

Want to be up and running in no time? Please contact us us. We can't wait to set up your account.

Manageable via an online control panel

By default, your Mailfiltering package will work just fine, and for most users the default config is more than enough. If you, however, want to tweak certain settings or thresholds of the scanners, you can do that via an online control panel.

You can view statistics of your email traffic, blocked messages, manage users, ... The possibilities are endless and you can tweak the whole system to fit your needs perfectly. You're in the drivers' seat.

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