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The PriorWeb email services are reliable for either personal or professional use. Our advanced spam and virus filter will make sure that your mailbox is worry-free. Of course you can securely receive and send your emails via SSL. You can create mailboxes that are hundreds of megabytes with unseen ease, via our online control panel.

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250MB 350MB 500MB 750MB 1GB 2.5GB 5GB 7.5GB
Prijs per jaar €25,00 €37,50 €50,00 €60,00 €75,00 €100,00 €150,00 €175,00
Domain name
Mailbox space 250MB 350MB 500MB 750MB 1GB 2.5GB 5GB 7.5GB
* Mailboxes
Mail forwards
Mailing lists 1 5 10 15 25 35

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You want certainty for your email traffic. Wether it's for personal or professional use, you want your mailbox to be available at all times and you only want to read legitimate emails. We don't set a limit for the maximum number of mailboxes or the size of each mailbox. You can allocate your included mailbox space as you see fit.

Every mailbox can use our super reliable spam and virus filter. We use a combination of techniques to keep your mailboxes free from most spam and virusses. The emails that we mark as spam or as a virus, will be put aside in the 'quarantine' corner of your mailbox, which you can view online.