Private Webhosting

Hosting for critical websites

When you expect much more capacity and flexibility from your hosting package, you need to take a look at our Private Webhosting packages. You get the same functions as our classic shared hosting packages, but this package has another technical basis. The package is active on its own virtual server, what gives it a lot more private system resources. And that means more peak power and a more robust package.

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10GB 20GB 30GB
Price per month €59,00 €99,00 €119,00
Price per year €649,00 €1089,00 €1309,00
Data traffic per month 5TB 6TB 7TB
Maximum domain names
MySQL databases
Mailbox space 12GB 13GB 15GB
* Mailboxes
Mail forwards
Mailing lists 60 70 80

A professional server environment

Just like with our classic hosting packages, you'll work on a modern and up-to-date system. The software configuration is identical to our shared hosting packages. When you, however, need a specific plugin of software patch installed, we can do that with no trouble at all (when it doesn't causes a conflict with other software, of course).

To learn more about the software begin used on our Private Webhosting servers, click here.

Use our beloved control panel

With just one login you can log on and manage all your packages and functions. PriorWebh Controlpanel, as we call it, makes it possible to manage nearly all features or your hosting package: email, subdomains, DNS records, nameservers, databases, crontab, ...

Controlpanel is loved by our customers. It's a no-nonsense control panel which stresses ease of use and user experience. It's a please to work with.

Professional email services you can count on. *

With Private Webhosting, you can also use our professional email services. Depending on which package you choose, you can resize your mailboxes yourself. There is no limit on the number of mailboxes, you just allocate your included mail disk space as you please.

Every mailbox can also count on our reliable spam and virus filters. We use industry standard techniques to keep your mailbox free from most spam and virusses. That way, you can focus on the emails you really want to read.

It's also possible to send and receive email over SSL with these packages. Essential for every professional user.