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A shared webhosting packages means that you will get an account on one of the many PriorWeb Linux based webservers. We are responsible for the maintenance of the servers and you'll get an account to work on. Worry-free and scalable. Also, your webhosting package will be activated in no time and you can host multiple domain names an run multiple websites on it.

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50MB 75MB 100MB 250MB 500MB 750MB 1GB 1.5GB 2.5GB
Prijs per jaar €50,00 €75,00 €100,00 €120,00 €150,00 €200,00 €250,00 €350,00 €500,00
Disk space 100MB 150MB 200MB 500MB 1GB 1.5GB 2GB 3GB 5GB
Domain name
Data traffic per month 50GB 75GB 100GB 250GB 500GB 750GB 1TB 1.5TB 2.5TB
Maximum domain names 1 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 50
MySQL databases 1 5 10 15 25 30 35 45
Mailbox space 250MB 350MB 500MB 750MB 1GB 2.5GB 5GB 7.5GB 10GB
* Mailboxes
Mail forwards
Mailing lists 5 10 15 25 35 50

Work in a professional environment

Wether you need our hosting for a small or large website, our packages will offer you a stable, reliable and powerful solution. You'll always work on a professional and up-to-date platform which offers the latest web technologies.

To know more about the software that is being used on our webhosting packages, click here.

Use our beloved control panel

With just one login you can log on and manage all your packages and functions. PriorWebh Controlpanel, as we call it, makes it possible to manage nearly all features or your hosting package: email, subdomains, DNS records, nameservers, databases, crontab, ...

Controlpanel is loved by our customers. It's a no-nonsense control panel which stresses ease of use and user experience. It's a please to work with.

Email services you can count on *

Also included with our webhosting packages, are our professional email services. Depending on which package you choose, you can make your mailboxes as large as you which. There is no limit on the number of mailboxes, you allocate your included mail disk space as you see fit.

Every mailbox can also count on our reliable spam and virus filters. We use industry standard techniques to keep your mailbox free from most spam and virusses. That way, you can focus on the emails you really want to read.

Read more on the included PriorWeb email services.