Your servers in the best data centers

Imagine a data center where all common practices are combined with a good sense of innovation and future ready components. Now imagine your server colocated there. PriorWeb offers you colocation space in a future proof data centers in Brussels, where quality and optimal redundancy are key features. And the best part of it all is that we offer these services at a great price point.

Future ready data centers in Brussels

Our customer facilities are hosted in the new data center of LCL in Diegem, Brussels. There we have a private rack group at our disposal, built according to the 'cold corridor' solution by Minkels, which provides for optimal airflow. This data center room is packed with all common practices and tons of innovative features.

  • Future ready data center in Diegem, the new LCL data center in Brussels
  • Future ready data center in Zaventem, the InterXion data center in Brussels
  • Minkels 'cold corridor' setup, for high-density cooled air
  • 32A redundant power in every rack, powering power hungry servers and blades
  • Advanced APC PDU's in every rack, remotely controllable outlets
  • N+2 cooling by Emerson - Liebert, worldwide industry leader
  • Power and data perfectly seperated, for minimal interference

Do you wish to spread your servers across multiple data centers? No problem. Just contact us for more information.

Cold corridor island by Minkels

Our racks are positioned around a so called 'cold corridor' developped by Minkels, industry leader in racks and data center facilities. Server and other rack equipment will only get cold air pushed through their air vents, because of the high density of cooled air in the sealed corridor.

All racks are custom made with a unique design, which combines a number of innovative features. Also, the racks are much deeper and wider then a conventional colocation rack, fitted with all the necessary space to perform optimal cable management and seperation of power and data.

Power, power, power

We all know power, more then ever, is an important part of data center technology. Servers and blade chassis these days require vast amounts of power. In order to tackle future needs, all racks are equipped with two power sockets of 32A. Most of all, this power is guaranteed and provided by two power distribution units that are reserved exclusively for PriorWeb. To give you a comparison with a conventional colocation rack, you can usually use only up till 12A at full load on a shared power circuit.

Every rack has two separate high quality PDU units by APC, each connected to either the A or B power circuit of the data center. The power outlets of these PDU's can be remotely controlled via our software, so you can easily reboot or shut down your server from your office or home.

Advanced network at your disposal

All of our network facilities are tuned to high density and ready for a bandwidth up till 10Gbit/s. Redundancy is also an important keyword for our network, which is delivered to us by two separated locations in the data center. These feeds are hooked up to our redundant Cisco routers, which provide optimal routing and failover features when necessary.

The network is backed up by some major names as Cogent and TeliaSonera, and also does peering with BNIX. There is a 'customer gutter' above every rack, which allows for easy connectivity of two or more racks or connectivity to the data center's meet-me-room, for example for an ISDN connection.

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