Reliable servers, for every budget and project

PriorWeb has several server products, each with their own advantages and pricing. Depending on your needs, we can help you with our products VPS, VDS or Dedicated server. On this page, we try and help you choose which product is right for you.

Price per month Starting at €29,00 Vanaf €119,80 Starting at €250,00
Contract term At least 3 months At least 3 months At least 1 year
Setup time Within 24 hours Within 24 hours Within 2 weeks
Scalability Based on packages Custom Custom
Upgrade options Immeadiately Immeadiately Delayed
Virtualisation VMware VMware Neen
Choice of CPU cores Neen Ja Ja
Central storage Neen Ja Neen
Safeguards downtime hardware Neen Ja Neen
Use of Linux as OS Ja Ja Ja
Use of Windows as OS Neen Ja Ja
SLA possible Neen Ja Ja
Backup options Snapshotbackup Snapshotbackup Filebackup