Dedicated server

Power for your web project

A dedicated server is a server that is allocated for a particular task but must of fully at your disposal. You can use all the power of the system to deploy and host all of your projects and web sites. You can buy or lease your own dedicated servers at PriorWeb, completely configured for your demands and budget, and it can be colocated straight away in the high quality PriorWeb network.

For every project and budget

Big or small, large or low budget, we have a dedicated server that suits your needs. All servers are custom configured with high quality components, perfectly tailored to your demands. And once your server is ready, it will be colocated in our great data center infrastructure in Brussels, so it can perform to the fullest.

We mainly work with Supermicro for our servers. Supermicro designs, develops, manufactures and sells energy-efficient, application optimized server solutions based on the x86 architecture. Their product philosophy is primarily based on green computing leadership and system design expertise on performance and power saving technologies to provide efficient solutions that are optimized to best fit a wide range of customer applications.

At PriorWeb, we have built up such an experience with these high-quality products, that we can apply this expertise for our customer solutions.

What does is cost?

We don't have standard configurations or packages, everything is perfectly tailored to your needs. Most times, your own dedicated server starts at just € 250,00 per month (plus 21% VAT).

We like to think creatively with you, and would like to send you a personal quote with no obligations. You can request a quote online, but we can also call you back, if that is more suitable for you. We can also schedule an appointment at our office, and discuss your project over a nice cup of coffee.

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