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Hoster on 100% green power

With pride we would like to announce that our datacenter infrastructure now runs on 100% green power. We also would like to share our other efforts with you.

As a webhoster we have quite a bit of infrastructure to maintain all of our services and products: servers, storage, switches, routers, ... There's a lot of hardware to make sure it all works. That is why we find it very important to make sure our ecological footprint is a small as possible. Therefore we try to make a difference on several levels to ensure that we run the most ecofriendly as possible.

100% green power for data center infrastructure

Our datacenter infrastructure, which consists out of servers, switches, storage, routers and other hardware and which is used to maintain our services, now runs on 100% green power provided by two suppliers: eni (formerly Nuon) and Luminus. The power which they supply is generated from 100% durable, inexhaustable energy sources like wind and power generated from water. With this generation no CO2 or no nuclear waste is created.

In the datacenter itself we try also try to apply several small techniques to make sure our cooling requirements are as low as possible, which leads to less power usage.

View the green power certificates of eni (formerly Nuon) and Luminus for the data center.

Working paperless where it's possible

Running a business involves a lot of paperwork, that's a fact. We try to deliver documents such as invoices digital and ask the same from our suppliers, and we also think twice before printing a document. We all have laptops and other mobile devices which can serve as a medium for digital documents. The next months we will finalize an ongoing project of digitalisation of incoming and outgoing documents and create a seamless integration with our administration.

Invoices (for customers who want a paper version) and contracts are printed on paper sheets with the PriorWeb branding. The paper used for sheets and envelopes is Biotop 3 paper which is 100% chlorine free and therefore eco-friendly.

Contribute yourself and switch to digital invoices

Did you know that you can receive your yearly PriorWeb invoice digtally? We can send you the original invoices as a PDF via email, immediately after it has been generated in our system.

At the moment more than 10% of our customers already chooses to receive invoices digitally. You can switch to digital invoices fast and easy.

Read more on how to switch to digital invoices.

Setting the right example

We try to apply our eco philosophy as often as possible. We therefore choose the sort our waste, which comes from packaging from servers and other peripherals, in the correct way. We also encourage our staff to work as eco-friendly as possible and carpool or use public transport to go to meetings or come to work everyday.

The future? That's even greener.

Why would we stop here? At the moment we have a few projects running that have to do with virtualisation. This technique is applied to make sure that hardware works smarter and more efficient, so we need less hardware to do our basic tasks. In turn this will require less hardware, which means a smaller power demand. We see the need to make sure that we use our hardware as cost-efficient as possible, and therefore this is one of the most important business goals of 2010 for us.

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