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PriorWeb has moved to a new office


We are delighted to inform you that today we have moved to a new office location in the heart of Antwerp.

These are our new address details:

Cockerillkaai 12

May we ask you to process these new address details in your own administration, so your future post will be delivered properly? Our telephone numbers have not changed.

The new office will provide us with more growing space for our team that keeps expanding, due to our steady growth. We chose to have our office in the Hoopnatie building on the Cockerillkaai, in the South neighbourhood of Antwerp.

On October 1st, PriorWeb made the biggest change in its history, yet. Not only did we give our brand a thorough facelift and got a new website, we also successfully launched a few new products and upgraded the packages for the majority of our web and mailhosting customers. The move to our new office is, yet again, a big step for us.

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