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Developer on Facebook? Don't forget SSL!


Facebook, the most popular social network in the world, announced on Tuesday that all applications are required to install an SSL-certificate before the 1st of October, to remain active on the website. It's one of the new security measures that Facebook has announced to ensure the privacy of its users.

Because of this announcement, PriorWeb has set up a promotion in May for all SSL certificates.

Certificate Regular price Promo price
* Single €99,00 €89,00
Single EV €599,00 €549,00
Wildcard €499,00 €449,00

* This certificate is suitable for Facebook applications.

Also if you have a webshop or login form, it's important to guarantee your visitors maximum security when sending personal data over the net. That way, you will gain the confidence of your visitors and potential buyers. You can achieve this by using an SSL certificate. SSL makes sure that all data is encrypted before it is sent over the internet.

This promo runs until the end of this month. You can order your SSL certificate via our helpdesk.

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